How We Help:

Training and Development

By optimizing every resource in a system we can all do more, with less. First step: focus on your most valuable assets. Develop your people and they will help you shine!

Experiential Training

For years, research has shown that the skills most often identified as both desired and lacking in employees and managers are the soft skills: communications, the ability to work with others, emotional intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking. These skills can’t be readily learned from a workbook or an online course. Our intensive, experiential learning programs put people into challenging situations that explode limiting beliefs and challenge assumptions holding them back. One past participant described CommFLOW™ as “a two-day epiphany!”

  • HumanFLOW™ – two day discovery experience to help identify and work with the power of human dynamics for outstanding achievement
  • ProblemFLOW™ – two day exploration packed with tools and techniques for addressing the challenges and opportunities of change.
  • CommFLOW™ – two day learning experience to help connect with clarity and purpose for powerful results.

In addition to our proprietary FLOW programs, we can develop customized experiential training to meet your needs in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
Solowka - Experiential Training

Group Training & Facilitation

Some forms of training and group work are still most effective when done face-to-face. We have a wide range of available workshops and courses, including:

  • Speech and Pitch Presentations
  • Business Owners
  • Accelerate your Presentations
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • In addition to our proprietary workshops and courses, we can also develop customized workshops to meet your needs or provide third-party facilitation for your in-house work groups and discussions.


Solowka - Group Training and Facilitation

Public Speaking

We enjoy sharing lessons learned through 20 years of successful business and community development through a variety of engaging and entertaining 30-60 minute keynote presentations.

Our Most Popular Presentations:

  • The Courage to Lead
  • Healing the Leper Organization

    We can also craft a keynote message that speaks directly to your organizational needs. For more information, please contact us.

    Solowka - Public Speaking