Eric Solowka

“A Leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity…

out of discord, harmony … and out of difficulty, opportunity.” 

 – Albert Einstein

We ease the journey for people, teams, and leaders to develop their core skills

and achieve excellence in a disrupted world.

Eric’s guidance and teachings as my personal growth advisor through Innovation Guelph’s Rhyze Up! program were priceless. I would highly recommend Eric for helping you to understand the mechanisms of PDCC ( Plan Do Check Change) and the dance of communication in business success. One thing that stood out most was Eric’s guidance and advice on how to manage stress and conflict in negotiation of big sales. Now as a “graduate” of RhyzeUp! and armed with hours of notes, emailed documents, graphs, charts, references and resources and more, I have vastly grown my knowledge, confidence and understanding to scale this business as a woman entrepreneur in a sea of sharks. Thank-you Eric! Fantastic Coaching!

Jolene Kennett

Owner & Operator, Shipyards Health

My company, Paintillio, had the privilege of being mentored by Eric, and he is absolutely the most fun mentor our team has ever worked with! From learning about our personalities, to company culture, to interacting with each other on a day-to-day basis, Eric made each session we had with him super fun and laid back. The whole team would be excited for our meetings – now that’s saying something! Eric is a fantastic speaker, leader, presenter, (and apparently a comedian too). Our whole team would highly recommend working with him.

Jess Devenport

Co-Founder + Director of Business Development, Paintillio

I had the pleasure of working with Eric as my leadership coach, and his impact on my professional growth is immeasurable. With his experience in leadership, Erik truly is an expert in the field. What sets him apart, however, is his ability to analyze and understand different personality types and how to lead them effectively. He taught me how to read people, understand their motivations and communication styles, and adapt my leadership approach accordingly. This skill alone has been a game changer for me in building strong relationships with my team and stakeholders.

I highly recommend Eric as a leadership mentor and coach. His guidance and wisdom have been invaluable to me, and I know that he will have a similar impact on anyone working with him.

Monica Arora Bir

Founder, Digital Monk Marketing

Eric has a natural skill to take your mindset to a place of growth and development.
Our main challenge when we started working with him was to learn how to pitch, and I must say his coaching has marked a turning point for our company.

In this process we had to rediscover what was our value proposition, and Eric used his guidance (and great sense of humour!) to put in in words what really make us unique. Genius! My co-founder and I were constantly looking forward our sessions because we knew the potential we could take away from them… and we still do!

Adriana Marichales and Ana Battistini

Co-Founders, BAMA

Eric was absolutely wonderful to work with over the last eight months. Eric was helping me prepare my company for scaling along with effective leadership, and strategies for our next phase of business. He helped me to understand myself better, the way I make decisions, and the impacts on our team and culture. I cannot imagine heading into this next phase of our business plan without Eric’s mentorship and I am very grateful for the time I had to work with him!

Debbie Stanley, MTI, CEA

Founder, Senior Estate Administrator, ETP Canada

I owe a lot to Eric for helping me and in turn my organization with getting the best out of each other. This in turn helped with leadership cohesion at the top which trickled its way through our organization with great impact. People always say “we know culture is important, but how do we influence it?”. To those people I would say, grab a coffee with Eric. He really provided real tools, for real people, in real jobs. A lot of speakers or mentors speak in theory, Eric makes it all applicable and actionable. I feel very optimistic that this year our own growth as leaders in our business will exceed expectations as well as the company as a whole thanks to your guidance. I cannot recommend Eric enough for his help and tutelage.

Lauren Sevack, Collaborative Metal Solutions

Administrative Director, Tripar Metal Stamping and CNC

Through Eric’s guidance I’ve been able to connect with my team more than ever, understanding their strengths and weakness. It has allowed me to put them in positions where they flourish and push forward my company more than I would have ever predicted.

His tips tricks and understanding of individuals, team dynamics and operational management have been invaluable. I would recommend anyone that works with a team or feels like they are not making any forward progress with their business to consult Eric.

He has a wealth of knowledge and is only too happy to help!

Michael Chatfield

Founder, Michael Chatfield Publications Inc.

Eric was my personal leadership coach as part of the Rhyze Up program that helps accelerate women-founded scale-ups across Canada. Eric is very personable, honest and approachable. I connected with him instantly as a mentor and consider him a very experienced and trusted adviser. He provided guidance, practical tools and experiences that I still use today as we continue to set goals, develop connections and identify resources to scale up our business. His enthusiasm, kindness, willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I admire about him. Beyond that, as a mentor he has always tried to help me understand and become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to his perspective.

Jasmin Hofer

President & CEO, Energrow Inc

Originally hired as technical illustrator, rapid growth of Atlantis Aerospace Corp. landed me in the manger’s seat of the new Technical Graphics department. Eric was my mentor. Although my experience as a manager was nil, everything I needed to know about managing people and functioning within a hi-tech company was learned under Eric’s guidance. Eric was helpful in even the smallest details, such as getting me organized, improving my people skills and especially in teaching me to use my staff effectively. He accomplished this in part through his profound knowledge of personality type and human dynamics. It was invaluable in coming to grips with the graphics and engineering department with over 25 technicians and artists and gave me the skills in team building and problem solving. To this day I still value Eric’s most important lesson for me- “mistakes are learning experiences”. Eric has the personality and patience to reinforce this lesson. Never once was I chastised for management errors, he always made it a lesson in growth. I am now President of my own graphics art studio and am grateful Eric still finds the time to assist me when I find myself facing intricate business issues. I have developed an innovative new product for North America and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the support and guidance I receive from Eric, I am growing my company in areas I never would have tried otherwise. 

Bill Barlow

Owner, IronMedia

Eric is one of those rare individuals who thinks at the highest level of systems performance, and yet is able to dive down to the deepest detail when necessary. He comes from a math and physics background, yet has developed, through continued studies, a deep understanding of human behaviour in the high technology world. Backing that up, he has decades of first hand business experience managing and growing high technology companies in a very competitive environment.

Phil D'Eon

Founder and Technical Advisor (Retired), CaseBank Technologies

Eric served us as a trusted business advisor. Eric has shared his deep insight of human behaviours and how they can and should be aligned with business values and objectives. Eric brings a unique ability in understanding how business challenges can be addresses through the proper interface of people and processes. Most recently, Eric lead and managed a business team that includes among its successes the Fancom web site.

Bill Weekes

CET RCDD CFOT, Principal, Fancom Connects Ltd.

I have worked with Eric as a trusted consultant, coach and project manager. His unique blend of technical knowledge, management experience, and communication skills were invaluable to us in rebuilding a Military Program with the Canadian Government. Eric skillfully identified the key issues and then implemented a series of events and actions that turned the situation around and ultimately led to the creation of a reference customer.

Darius Knight

Enterprise Account Executive, SPS Commerce

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